Friday, 26 August 2011

A Single Story ! :)

A single story is when someone be people are told a story and they picture something in their head and believe what they heard. Like when  Muslim people come to American  and people think they have a bomb on them. So they only check them  nobody else. That is so wrong because they have heard a story that Muslims are killers, hate Americans and they bomb people. So by the story they hears they think every Muslims like that.
This happen to me once when I went to the doctor and they suddenly thought I spoke Spanish. Like Omg are you serious does it look like I speak Spanish !? Ughh that gets me so mad when they do that to me like for real that's messed up you don't even know me so how do you know if I speak Spanish. So see what I am saying people make  suddenly thoughts about people just by looking at them or hearing a story about Mexican (Like every Mexican speaks Spanish) . IF YOU KNEW ME YOU WOULD KNOW I DON'T SPEAK SPANISH AND I DON'T EVEN KNEW HOW TO SPEAK SPANISH!!!!!
I have heard storys about other people like every white person has money ! Yea I found put that is totally not true . See I even do it just from a story I heard I made a thought every white person has money.

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