Monday, 22 August 2011

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying Is Getting Real Big Around The World. People Say Real HurtFul Thingie & Dont realize What They are saying Really Hurts The Person. They Might Think Their Doing The Right Thingie Because They Might Be Mad , Jealouse & Maybe They Are Going Through Thingies At Home. But That Does Not Give Them The Right  To hut Someone.

   I learned Words Can Really Hurt A Person , When You say Mean Thingie Online It Is the Same Thing As Doing It In Person Thiers No difference !! I Dont Know Why People Cyber Bully People It is So Mean I know They Wouldn't Like it if Somebody Did It To Them. I've Gottan Bullied In The Past When I was Little. I was Really Over Weight So They Called Me Mean Names About My Wieght. I Know The Feeling Of Being Bullied Is The Worst Feeling To Have. I've  Seen Peopled Get Bullied it hurt me because I did nothing but watch them get thier feelings hurt. I truly wished I did something to help them not get bullied.   
From The Movie When She Got Bullied She Didn't Tell A Adult & She did nothing abou that. She should have told an adult for help. But she sis not do that. Sp by not doing that the bullying started to get harsher, meanier , and more ruder. So Thats why she should have BLOCKED the person and told adult. CYBER BULLYING is getting way out of hand we shouldn't be saying thingies online if we wouldn't be saying it in person ! SO STOP THE HATE !!!!!!!!!!!!! :/

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