Monday, 12 September 2011

Children Of Heaven

   We watched the movie  Children Of Heaven it was a good movie but the ending was horriable. Ali was a little boy who lived in Iran. One day he was out doing earins for his family. One of the erains was to pick up his sister shoes, while getting food for his family he misplaced them & someone took them. Ater finding out he had misplaced them he tryed to find them but they were simpily gone. He told His sister what had happen , she was really mad but she promised him she wouldn't tell. His family didnt have money to buy her shoes (They are kind of poor). So Ali and his sister  had to share shoes for a a couple of weeks, and it was kind of hard to do that because they all had to go to school at different times. At Ali's school they were going to have a race and one of the prize's was that you can when a new pair of shoes. If you want to know what would happen to Alie and his sister you have to watch the movie . Does Alie win the shoes? Does his parent find out?
 I thought befor watching the movies that girls could not go to school but from watching the movie I found out that I was not true. Watching movies, hearing thing's on the News, and pictuers that Muslims have Long Facel hair man I was totally wrong some people did but not alot of muslims. From my single story I thought girls did not go to school & they couldn't go to school.

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