Monday, 23 January 2012


OMG I really dislike school to be honest. -_-
I hate changing things that I have already got use to MAN ! . I hate when this happens , it just dont feels right to me. I love thing staying the same. Changes just dont work with me -____-
I barly get to see my BESTFRIEND ILIANA PANDA </♥ , & I dont get to see  my FRIEND </♥ that much anymore . But My BESTFRIEND iliana is who I really wanna see thoe because I tell thins chick everythingg (:
Ohh Yeaaah , I do miss my other friends ! ...........</♥ ,
I meet new teachers , they already gettin on my badside -_- I swear they pick some wired teacher to work at schools ! ....  But I am trying to make it work , So I can have a good year this  year (:
Well thats umm What I have to say about to day !  Byeeee  ♥ (:

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