Thursday, 19 January 2012

Drawing a scene (: ♥

Well our game has really changed since we first started. (:
We had to change little things in our game to have what we both wanted in our game.  ♥
It was kind of hard at first to know how to draw our game & stuff like that but we got through that. We had to talk to each other & get to know eachother better so it can be easy making the game (:
Our game is now about a little Boy / Girl cleaning water by just picking up trash off the floor. At the begeinning of the game they see how the water looks with all that trash & stuff like that. But at the end of the game when you go through the level of cleaning you get to see the impact that you had on the water by just picking up trash off the floor & stuff like that. Thats what our game is about or you can say what it is going to be about .(: ♥

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