Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Percy Jackson:)

The movie was about a boy name Percy Jackson finding out what he really is. That his father was the king of the sea. Even that he was half blood half lord and half human. So he went to camp for half bloods. Then he found out hades had his mom and give he give him the lighting bult that he will give his mom back.  But Percy did not have to the lighting bult. So he was off on a journey to get his mom back and try to explain that he dont have the lighting bult. Then had 14 day befor the god will have war  because they lighting bolt. First befor they had to finding marbles so they can get out of hell. The people that went with him on his journey was Annabeth and Grover. They found 3 marbles and went to go get his mom. They found out luck hide the bult  in his shell so they got his mom and hided to Mount Olympus. But then luck came to stop Percy from giving back the lighting bult. Percy dfeted him and went to give back the lighting bolt. The gave it back and everything went back to normal. But the only thing that changed was  he went camp the become a hero.

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