Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I love Rudy!! :) Bestfriends

         Omg people I have something to tell someone better call 911 because Rudy stole my heart!!! :)
Rudy is my besyfriend he might be crazy but he knows how to have fun. There is no one like him in the world!! <3 when things are going bad he still trys to make everything better and at the end eveything is better!! He has the most funniest laugh that you ever heard!! :) Evey time I am sad some how he knows how to make me feel better. RUDY FREAKIN MARTINEZ  is the BEST PERSON EVER so if you are reading this Rudy dont let NO ONE tell you different! And I LOVE YOU RUDY your FREAKIN AWSOME!! BESTFRIENDS for ever and ever!!! Thats along time because I said ever 2!! :) hahaha

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