Friday, 25 February 2011

Malcolm X

 The movie Ended like this Malcolm was  starting to lose faith in every thing. The person that he believed in and the person that thought him good then bad. Was getting jealous of him because they thought he had to much power. Even the people that he was trying to give them power was trying to kill him because he mad  a comment that was bad and made them look bad. But the one that thought Malcolm every thing and the leader of the Muslims Elijah Muhammad was talking bad about Malcolm.  Elijah Muhammad was living in a lie he was with two women got the pregnant. But he also said be with one women love her and only her.
  So Malcolm  went to the birth place of Muslims and  prayed  and served his lord. The relized the Elijah was teaching the wrong thing. So after about a month he came bake home. He  everyone that he was lieing. But people that be lived in Elijah was mad at him because they thought he was lieing. So one day when Malcolm was about to give a speech they had shoot him. But till today he still lives in us and we are Malcolm  and always will be.    

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