Monday, 1 November 2010

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     Today was awsome we got to learn how to make a mini game. Like how to make symbols on a mini games. I really wounder how the mini game is going to turn out. While making the mini game I was thinking about how I am going to make a game of my own and how to make the game out of my topic. So I really can not wait to make my game my game is going to be so awsome.
        Today I want to learn  how to move a subject in my game fast and make it look cool then being boarding. So I hope the mini game game come out really cool. Even I hope that the real game I make is going to come out way cooler and maybe funner. 
    Yesterday was kind of fun but we had to start all over again and that was not that fun like Monday.
Today I want to finish making the mini game so I can make a game of my own. The big if is I van make a out of my topic I choose for the game. I know it is going to be real hard but I will get though it.
   Yesterday was not that hard because we just need to change some symbols. Now I think I want to make more mini games because they are easy when you know what you are doing. I think we are going to finish the game today and talk about our own game I really hope that happens.
 Today I think we are going to finish our game. I really liked making that game I learn so many stuff like if I change one thing I have to change another. It was hard at fist but then it got easy after I knew what I was doing.

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