Monday, 25 October 2010

♥♥This Week♥♥

     Today we have watched a movie that is going to stay with me for ever.   
Probably you have heard of the holocaust. The holocaust is were the Nazism killed 60,000,000 Jews and 11,000,000 million people or more for no reason at all. I heard some really god story about the holocaust and survivors spoke about it too. The movie is called paper clip it is about  kids making a difference and learning about the holocaust and think about a idea to show 6,000,000,000 people died.
 One thing I learned is be nice don't judge people, they are the same like you.
So I recommend this to any one that want to learn about the holocaust or just wants watch a really good movie.
                  The topic of my game is really hard to make a game out of. So I want to learn more  about it. I really want to start to learn how to make the game. I really don't like working (research) it is to hard but i know my game is going to awsome . Even I know that I will win the big prize so that is how much faith I have in my self.
                I want to get to the harder stuff because I get so board but I know when we get to the harder stuff I am going to be saying "this is to hard".  That is just because I am hard headed sometimes but that is just how I am. Something else I really want to do is find more research about my game topic because I am finding really good stuff and story's about cyber bullying. Even  I really think it is going to be really hard for me to make a game out of this topic but I know that I will get though it.
    I really want to find more websites and better websites for my topic because a lot of websites I have been finding are no help at all. So yesterday I found a really good website and it is brain pop. I found so really good stuff on there. I know that they only have videos but they are really good because than just copying it they make video that has the information in the video.  

                                                                     -Naomi Padilla                  

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