Friday, 14 October 2011

Darfur! (:

 When I played Dafur is Dying I learned that girls in Dafur get rapped & beat and boys and men get  killed & beat.:(  Evcn nice and inset people die for no reason.
 The characters in the game are really cool & unique.  In the game the little kids go faster and the older kids go slower. But the older people get more water and the little kids get water , this is because in real life and real life situation.
 They had but the camp in the game to shop that there are camps like this in Dafur & show the real thing that is happening over there. Even to give more information to player of whats happening.
 They but things in the game like " Letters to the president " & things like that because so you help the cause in Darfur. Even to spread awareness about what going on in Darfur.
  The game Darfur has inspired me to help out any way I can. This game has open my eyes to show me that I am lucky of what I got  because people dont get to eat & things like that.

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