Tuesday, 17 May 2011


OMG I love my bestfriend Iliana she is so beast. She nows how to have fun no matter were we go!! :)  even makes the worest of time turn to the best of times. :) I can never get a enough of her she might be crazy but she knows how to have fun!!:) I know some days we just cant stand each other but those days are so WHACK! But at the end of the day we have to talk because if we didnt we would just die!! :)Somedays we could just laugh all day!!  Some people says they have a bestfriend  but they dont got the special thing me and Iliana have.!! We finish each other sentences all the time and now what we are going to before we even say anything !! Thats a real bestfriend you can count on no matter what happens!! If you are reading this Iliana remember FUGLY BEAR!!:) JO MAMA:) hahaha thats ur word for today!! :) Whoever is reading this just remember that Iliana Nicole Freakin' Banda is awesome and she loves me more than Juan Oh , And Juan Dont Read This.!(: <3

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