Thursday, 28 April 2011

Stand and Deliver

This movie was about a man who had faith in 18 students when no one belived in them. He came to a school where the education was really low. Even the kids had a 7 grade education. Jamie Escalante was the new teacher  he started to teach math. But then he wanted to teach calculus. All the teachers were telling him you cant teach them that and you must be crazy. So he was on his on all the students were not up for it at fisrt. But then  the liked the idea they stayed after school every day and took class in the summer. I know i would not stay after school for two year and give up 2 summers .Then they took the big test AP Calculus  and passed the first time but people could not belive they passed because how they look and where they come from. So they proved them wrong and took the test again and showed them wrong. They all passed with high grades.

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