Wednesday, 23 March 2011


 Is about a boy named  Jimmy  and his brother Cory. Even a friends they meet on the way hayel. Then the bad cop was trying to Jimmy because all of them ran away. Jimmy  was always walking away trying to California but no one knew why. Then one day they said that they want to put him in mental house. Cory was not going good with it. He was not going to do that to his brother. So one day he planed to take Jimmy to California. So when they wanted to go pay to the tickets to California they did not have enough money so they were trying to win money off this girl hayel. After she lost she got mad and missed her bus. Then they became partners to win a 50,000 dollars in video game. they were always betting on  video games to get money to get to California. But they always being looked for by the bad cop and there dad. the cop and ha dad was fighting because just wanted money because when he gets the kid he gets money.Then at the video game thing the almost lost and everything they did was going to be a wast. They won the video game thing and beat everyone. Everything seemed  fixed and good but it was not. Jimmy always carryed a box no body knew what was in there. It was his twin sister that died two years ago.  He left her there were she was happy. Then everything was fixed and happly ever after. 

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