Thursday, 24 March 2011

Whatever it takes

    The movie was about a girl named Sharifea who goes to this called Bronx that is brand new. The school is the center for science and mathematics. They want every student to got to college and have a great life and be come something. She was having very low grades befor coming to the school and then when she got to the school she was getting low grades. All the teachers was worrying about what was going on with he and why she was doing so bad. Then to help her she went to a summer program to get in to college. But she had very low grades so they thought she was not going to last in the summer program. Then she DID IT she went to the the summer program and passed everything. So they help her go to college and pass. Her  story is very powerful Because of just one school helped her go to college when she was not a good student. My school is just like her school they really love us and wants us to go to college and do something with our life's. So I am very lucky to have this school and to help me go to college. Now I have to say is that I LOVE MY SCHOOL!!!!!! <3

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