Friday, 8 October 2010

This weekend

This weekend is going to be the best I hope. I am going to be with my mom and my two brothers and my little sister we are going to have so much fun. But I dont know what we are doing I tried to ask my mom what we are doing she told me it is a secret. I really dont like secrets if I dont know about it so I really hope it fun. Then just sitting a home all day becaues i mostly do that every day. hahahahahahaha3♥♥♥
So what you have been waiting for my favirote song is............................JUST THE WAY YOU ARE BY BROUNO MARS. I cant but the video on because they wont let us any more so it is not fun any more. So then just after talking about me let see what you are going to do. So go on my comments and write what you are going to do this weekend.

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