Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Game Genres

What kind of game genres do you like? 

    I think I like action or sports and puzzles because action you never get board or get sleepy i know if i was playing a acton game i wouldn't go to bed tell almost 12:00 am. lol :). Even when i play sports i never get tried because i keep moving and never stop. Like when i play my Wii i start fell like i was in a gym for 2 hour when i only played for like 10 mins! hahahahahaha ;) Now lets talk about the  puzzles I love them but i hate them so much. The always keep me going once you play you can never stop playing trust me i know. I played a game for almost 2 hours!!! hahahahahahahah :)                                                                                                                       


  1. Hay naomi your blog is cute got alot of details its cute agree wit you on the action and sports but NOT the puzzles they can but fun but they can be something you can do wen you are bored never say bored that word isnt in the dictionary LOL:)haha anyways just a comment bye...

  2. I love playing the wii too its a good workout for me. I like to play the tennis game. I dont like losing. lol The puzzles i like too but you have to be very patient to put the puzzle together but at the end its complete and very pretty. ILY